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Whether you're looking for an introduction to behavioural economics for your team or deep learning into a specific area of application, we have ready-made and custom-built workshops for a variety of corporate/institutional challenges.

All workshops are highly interactive, with a focus on collaborative learning instead of one-sided lectures. Our method of teaching focuses on helping participants discover the insights on their own as they move through the sessions, and learn through our large repository of real-life cases and examples. 

Each workshop also includes innovative learning methods using in-class experiments, podcasts, videos and hands-on group activities.

A Primer on Behavioural Economics

Designed to provide a comprehensive induction into behavioural economics, this workshop covers the most influential ideas, theories and applied techniques in the science. The workshop is industry agnostic and covers key academic and applied areas for those looking to delve into the field as a first step, and gain a holistic understanding of the science.

At the end of the workshop, you will know key behavioural decision making theories and applied techniques such as nudge and choice architecture, behavioural change frameworks, and be able to apply these to a variety of settings and contexts. 

Behavioural Economics for Marketing

Behavioural economics tells us about the limitations in the human mind, how our preferences are unstable, the impact of framing and presentation of choices, and the influence of many non-monetary considerations on our purchase decisions. 


Consumers are not always rational, and by ignoring the 'predictable' psychological and behavioural influences on their choices, we render our marketing efforts often ineffective.

This workshop is designed to provide a deep dive into the applications of behavioural economcis techniques to improve marketing outcomes.

At the end of the workshop, you will know the key behavioural and psychological influences on purchase decisions in digital and offline environments and most importantly, how you can design more 'behaviourally informed' marketing communications, initiatives and nudges to increase important KPIs such as conversions, retention and engagement. Experimentation techniques are also covered. 

Behavioural Economics for
Public Policy Impact

This workshop is designed to provide a deep dive into the applications of behavioural economics to improve public policy delivery, adoption and impact.


Behavioural insights have vastly improved our understanding of decision-making - both rational and irrational overhauling traditional public policy.


By giving you a practical introduction to the scientific behavioural tools being used by ‘Nudge Units’ globally to help people make better decisions, and improve the impact of policy actions, you will be equipped to design 'behaviourally informed' public policy interventions for behaviour change in a variety of settings - education, public finance, health and wellness, Energy & Sustainability among other areas.

Case studies from a variety of public policy areas will be covered.

Behavioural Economics in Banking

Behavioural Economics has revolutionized banking by putting the 'user' at the centre of a bank's services and actions. The relationship between the bank and its customer is changing to one built on a deep understanding of how the customer makes financial decisions and choices - including their conscious and subconscious goals, beliefs, cognitive processes.

Leading banks are now using behavioural economics globally to make a significant impact on a variety of areas such as: Improving conversions - digital tools, click rates, completion rates, product usage, improving financial well-being with the goal of directly improve engagement & retention - improving savings, product choice, customer experience, reducing overdrafts and default etc.

This workshop provides a thorough understanding of the new insights uncovered regarding the financial decision-making of individuals, and how banks can design interventions to improve the performance of various customer-level interactions and actions. Key topics also include ethics and data science integrations.

Behavioural Science for Data Scientists

How do you read data to join the dots between 'what' or 'why' your customer are behaving the way they do?

This workshop is designed with data scientists in mind, to help them get a deeper understanding of the psychological influences of behaviour and choices. 

The workshop is designed to equip your data science team to solve ‘the last mile’ challenge, identify cost-effective behavioral solutions to business problems from data, de-bias the insight generation process, and define new behavioral-based research objectives and models to better predict and influence customer choices. 

The workshop is not meant to provide training in data science, but is approach-based, on how more robust behavioural models, solutions, interventions, from large swathes of data for can be created.

Behavioural Economics for Startups

This workshop covers diverse areas of​ the applications of behavioural economics in business - marketing, sales, product design, customer communications, influence and persuasion, managerial decision-making under uncertainty.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to better understand the decision-making of your customers and bring new behavioral ideas to the table for improving product experience, marketing communications, and managerial decision-making to nudge better outcomes. 

Behavioural Science for more effective HR communication

Various obstacles can arise impeding effective HR communications - employees being overloaded with information, not being motivated to action, messaging and recognition not being attractive or memorable. 


This workshop focuses on providing an understanding of the various applied techniques in behavioural science within the scope of HR communications -  the influence of framing, environmental redesign, emotions, messengers, social norms, and other principles on information processing, choices and actions.


You will learn to design and implement more persuasive and attractive communications using behavioural science frameworks to improve open rates, information retention, action orientation and attention – in digital and non-digital delivery.

Behavioural Design for Product Teams

This workshop is tailored specifically for product and UX/UI teams. Understand the cognitive and psychological basis of how we interact with digital environments and products.

Gain the tools to create products that are more attractive to the brain of your consumers and give them the cognitive 'ease' when using and interacting with their digital product journey.


Most importantly, learn how to diagnose behavioural barriers across the product cycle - pages, stages, actions and learn to use behavioural science techniques to improve the end-to-end experience, increase retention, foster habit-formation.

We will also be focusing on how to scientifically discover what truly makes your customers tick.

The workshop is best done through ideation exercises, and we recommend integrating a live product. 

Behavioural Finance and Investment Strategy

This workshop is designed to help participants make better behavioural decisions regarding their investments and measurably improve investment performance.

We will cover: the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of behavioural finance, the psychology driving investor and market behaviour, how to avoid and combat behavioural biases that impede portfolio returns, Behavioural Finance based trading and investment strategies that exploit mispricing of securities.

The workshop includes special modules for financial advisors and how they can better manage the irrationalities and financial behaviours of their customers. 

This is a highly practice-oriented workshop and is suited for investors, traders or those working in wealth management. 

Retail investors will also benefit.

Money & Happiness

In this workshop, we will explore the economics of happiness - the newly discovered complex relationship between money and happiness. We will see how income and happiness may not always go hand in hand!


We will evaluate how we can spend more effectively to increase our levels of happiness. We will also understand the different biases that come into play when making various money matter decisions during our lifetime - buying a car, investing in a house, getting our first credit card, winning the lottery?! ;) - and how we can combat them to ensure well-being in the short and long run .


We will also take a sneak-peek into how the latest tech tools in fintech and neo banking platforms may be nudging us to make poorer financial choices! Lastly, we will answer the age-old question - How much money is really enough?

This workshop is designed for either self-improvement, or employee experience/development initiatives within organizations

Who it's for: Anybody who wants to become happier with their money!

Advanced behavioural & economic science

This workshop is designed for those already having significant experience or academic background in the applications of behavioural science & economics..​

The program introduces concepts typically at an advanced graduate level - for example, behavioural change theories and models, advanced models of choice, neuroeconomics/neuromarketing and cognitive science, advanced experimental design and methodologies, integration of machine learning and behavioural data science techniques to problems.

The workshop is highly tailored to participant needs and backgrounds, and is best suited for those wanting to upskill/reorient/upgrade an already existing practice of behavioural science within their organizations.

Behavioural Economics for...

Other than the workshops listed, we also provide many more tailor-made sessions customized towards specific needs or areas of applications. ​

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